About us


Who are we?

     Serving our customers as advisory counsellors for their success.Adhering to the highest professional standards and building long-lasting, trust-based relationships.Delivering the best of Agronart Corporation to every customer.Creating a value-driven partnership.

   In all fields of the work that we perform for our customers, Agronart approaches each opportunity with the utmost attention to quality and respect for the customers we serve on a daily basis.

  Agronart operates as one group, one team, one voice in order to develop partnership with our customers based on the principles of an involved partnership, with accountability and a full understanding of expectations.

    Agronart Corporation was established to offer professional services to Canadian & Turkish companies which would like to expand their market reciprocally regarding the fact that there is a boosting bilateral trade between Canada & Turkey.

In the course of time, Agronart has become a prominent trading company for agricultural products, special crops, foodstuff, minerals and chemicals between two countries.

What we do?

"We believe that the salient point of international trade is to create connections between countries. Subsequently, it brings mutual understanding and prosperity for a better world."